Friday, March 22, 2013

Bogging Challenge #3

Blogging Challenge 
10 uses for a Holey Sock
1. A cleaning Rag
2. Some type of filter
3. Shoe Shiners
4. pet toy
5. Puppet
6. Dusting
7. Pot Holder
8. Knee Pads
9. Pet Comfort Object
10. Eraser for dry erase boards

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blogging Challenge #2-Freedom to choose

Blogging Challenge 
 Freedom To Choose
Motor Cross

I really enjoy motor cross because, it gives me the freedom to go fast and express myself. When I ride it feels like I can do anything I want. While riding nothing can get in my way, except for deer. In 2012 I hit a deer with my four wheeler and was thrown off. That's not all that happened though, I was crushed twice and bleeding very badly. It was about an hour later my dad found me laying in the middle of the field. I ended up in the hospital for eight hours. Even after all of that, it didn't stop me from riding. I still do it today and I want to become professional. I know it's gonna be hard and it's gonna hurt but, I'm willing to go through all of that to achieve my dreams.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge

Student Blogging Challenge
"Challenge 1 - Who Am I
Ten People I Would Like To Meet

1. Marshall Mathers - American rapper - What inspired you to become a rapper?
2. Vin Diesel -  American Actor - How did you become an actor? 
3. Martin Luther King Jr. - A black rights activist - How did it feel after you had accomplished such extravagant feat?
4.  Jim Maurer(Baby Shark  Song) - He is a person on YouTube that reenacted the baby shark song that some camps do. - Where did you learn the song and dance?
5. Micheal Jackson - Singer/songwriter - If it doesn't matter what color you are then, why did you change the color of your skin?
6. Robert Stanley Dyrdek - Professional American skater - What was your inspiration for Fantasy Factory?
7.  Chad Kroeger - Lead vocalist for Nickleback, a Canadian rock band. When did you decide to "create" your band?
8. Vanilla Ice -
Robert Matthew Van Winkle, best known by his stage name Vanilla Ice, is an American rapper. - When did you start rapping?
9. Mac Lethal -
David McCleary Sheldon) is an American rapper and hip hop producer from the metropolitan area of Kansas City, Missouri - Was it easy to come up with your song for Darryal's Birthday? 
10. Jeremy Wade - Star of River Monsters - When you first started were you scared, of what you might find?